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Creating a Brand Script

Step 3 in creating an irresistible brand

Your brand script is the endearing story that will draw customers in and make them loyal fans. The most important thing to remember in creating your brand script is that you are not the hero in this script… your audience is the hero! This story is about the reader. Their problems. Their desires. And how you can help them overcome their problems and achieve their desired end result.

The script identifies the following components of the story:

  • your ideal client

  • their struggle

  • why how you can help them

  • what the consequences are if they don’t engage you to help them

  • what will result if they do allow you to help them

  • call to action

You'll recognize you've already got a start on defining these if you've been following our five steps to an irresistible brand.

Once you have the details of the script, you’ll reference it as an outline to every piece of marketing you create. Put it into an elevator pitch… a brief script you and your employees can memorize answering what it is you do.

Would you like to consult with us regarding your progress in your brand? Schedule a free discovery call.

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