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Crush 2020

The year 2020 is going to be a year that stands out for years to come. I don’t even need to recap all the craziness this year has brought, I’m just going to leave it there.

But the year is not over, and I, for one, refuse to write the year off. We still have a few months left! Let’s make these months outstanding and come out victorious in the end!

If your business has been struggling, you are certainly not alone. But we’ve all witnessed businesses that are thriving! And hopefully you’ve been taking notes. We can employ the same techniques in your business that they’re using and find the same success. It starts with redefining your goals, your offer, and reevaluating your audience.


The goal you set at the beginning of 2020 may not be realistic anymore (or you may be one of those businesses who crushed it during the pandemic and you need to set it higher). Reevaluate where you need to be year-end and identify a goal. If sales have been slow, identify a revenue goal for these last few months. If sales have been stellar, focus more on impact goals. Yes, all businesses should be impactful, but if you’ve taken a hit, you need to nurse your business back to health and make revenue a priority while being impactful. If your business goes under, you’ll make no impact on the lives of your clients.


This year has brought unbelievable scenarios to play worldwide. It is quite likely that your product/service will need to be minimally repositioned in the marketplace, if not totally reimagined.

Set time aside to study your product or service through fresh eyes. Make a list of all the solutions it provides. Comb through your reviews and testimonials and look for unconventional solutions you hadn’t thought of. Also make note of common praises that are repeated from different customers. Are these outcomes still sought after? Are they still a high priority to your audience?


No one is the same person now that they were going into 2020. We’ve been isolated, confined, and forced into new routines. But we’ve also been given the gift of time… time to explore our surroundings, to experience new things, to reevaluate our priorities.

How has the pandemic changed your audience? Does it make your offer more urgent, or less of a priority? Have new needs emerged that you can solve? Have changing priorities made you more or less relevant? If the answers you find aren’t favorable to your existing offer, is there a new audience that needs your existing offer? Or can you tweak your current offer to become a priority in your audience’s lives?

Many questions — yes! Identify 10 people you want to work with and ask if you can conduct a market research interview with them.

Thinking through your 2020 goal, offer, and audience will lay the foundation for your year-end marketing strategy and set you up to crush 2020! Show 2020 who’s boss and make 2020 a year of victory!

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