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Deliver a Consistent Brand

Step five in creating an irresistible brand

Have you ever walked into a store and been completely thrown off by what you encountered? This is what happens when a business suffers from a branding identity crisis.

Perhaps previously you only interacted with them online. Or maybe you’ve never directly interacted with them and just know of them through media or by phone. This is why it’s important to ensure consistent branding across the board.

Take a look at Apple’s brand. Everything they do screams “Apple.” Their signature clean white backgrounds are used in everything… their print ads, digital ads, videos, website and even in their physical stores. You could walk into their store blindfolded and know exactly where you are as soon as the blindfold is removed even if you saw no identifying logos and had never previously been in an Apple Store. Customers know exactly what to expect from them visually.

The best way to emulate this is to have only one designer you work with and only one copywriter. Jumping around will only muddy your efforts as every designer and every copywriter will have a slightly different interpretation of your brand. If you cannot yet afford to hire these things out, your best bet is to hire a brand strategist to get you started and have them create a Branding Guidelines booklet and templates that allow you to do it yourself.

Likewise, if you have employees, it’s important for them to understand the preferred vocabulary for anything a customer will encounter. How to answer the phone, how to sign off on emails, how to respond on social media… all of these things need to be covered with your employees and contractors. Incorporate this into your employee reviews so it stays top of mind and your employees understand the importance of maintaining the company brand.

This is the last step in creating your irresistible brand! How are you doing? Whether you'd like a professional eye to look things over or just want to hand it over to someone else, set up a call. We'd love to help!

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